1. The Journal Islamic Economic Perspectives (JIEP) that was published by the State Institute For Islamic Studies (IAIN) Jember has officially transformed into the State Islamic University of Kiai Haji Achmad Siddiq (UIN KHAS) Jember based on Presidential Regulation Number 44 of 2021. Operationally, JIEP has been cooperating with The Indonesian Association of Islamic Economists (IAEI), The Sharia Economy Community (MES), and The Indonesian Economist Scholar Association (ISEI). The journal will focus on providing quality research in the areas of Economics Science, Islamic economics, Sharia economics law, sharia banking & finance, and halal product. Accordingly, papers that focus on emerging and interdisciplinary topics are encouraged. The goal of the journal is to provide research that is relevant and applicable to a diverse set of Islamic economics researchers and professionals. The Journal is published twice a year in March and September, which is the first publication in 2019 September.

2. For published articles:

vol. 1 number 1 published in September 2019
vol. 1 number 2 published in February 2020
vol. 2 number 1 published in September 2020
vol. 2 number 2 (numbering skipped / human error)
vol. 3 number 1 published in February 2021
vol. 3 number 2 published in September 2021
Vol. 4 number 1 published in February 2022
It shows for the publication of volume 2, number 2 is just a numbering error. Articles are still published according to the provisions every February and September